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There are many photos located in this section. We hope you enjoy seeing them. Unfortunately we do not have many dates as the pictures were either handed down through generations or shared by other members of the family. We are just very lucky to have them.

D. R. and D. J. Kinports and children

David Randolph Kinports
David Randolph Kinports
30 Aug 1873 - 12 Feb 1954

Delia Jane Wilton as young woman
Delia Jane Wilton as young woman.
29 Sep 1875 - 29 Mar 1965

David and Delia Kinports
David and Delia Kinports
1951, Cheyenne, Wyoming celebrating their 50th wedding addiversary at their home.

Rebecca, Elizabeth, Isabel, Thirza, Jim
Rebecca, Elizabeth, Isabel, Thirza
June 1968, Cheyenne, Wyoming
First time in over 30 years all 5 siblings were together at the same time.

Ed Mennace, Jane Kinports, Delia Jane Kinports, Millie Mennace, Leigh Kinports
Ed Mennace, Jane Kinports, Delia Jane Kinports, Millie Mennace, Leigh Kinports, Cheyenne, Wyoming. About 1954/1955.

Delia Jane Wilton Kinports
Delia Jane Wilton Kinports, Christmas, Cheyenne, Wyoming, prior to 1959.

Rebecca Jane Kinports
Rebecca Jane Kinports
22 Sep 1917 - 30 July 2001

James "Jim" Wilton Kinports
James "Jim" Wilton Kinports
14 Aug 1906 - 22 Nov 1974

Jim's college graduation picture
"Jim" 's college graduation picture.

Rebecca's head stone.
Rebecca's head stone.

Rebecca's funeral, 2001
Rebecca's funeral, 2001.


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