A Deadly Exchange

A Deadly Exchange by Sheryl Jane Stafford

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Sheryl Jane Stafford

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by Sheryl Jane Stafford
ISBN #0-595-15677-0
$17.95 U.S. / $29.95 Can.

Former POW Matthew Spencer thinks his days of confinement and torture are over at the end of the Vietnam War. Not so. Years later, when he and his wife, Alexandra, embark on a leisurely cruise on their sailboat, they are caught up in another battle, one that involves illegal drugs. As their sloop sails toward the remote Bahamian Cays, the Spencer's are unaware of the deadly white powder concealed inside their yacht's hanging wet locker.

Spencer is forty-eight, tired, a reluctant hero. Alex is thirty-five, na?e, an unlikely heroine. They aren't looking for trouble, but then again, they don't have to. They're carrying it around with them.

A chain of events leaves Matt desperate and alone, while Alex, weak and in shock, is delivered to Raoul, the head of a Columbian drug cartel. US drug agents on a surveillance mission are drawn into the conflict. They agree to deliver Matt to Morgan City, Raoul's private island.

Raoul sounds the alarm when he discovers that Alex has bolted. Alex finds Matt savagely beaten and unable to move. The agents, waiting just offshore, must leave at dawn. The clock is ticking for Matt, for Alex. And for the agents.

We Really Dig Romance Novels wishes to thank the author for sending us this book to review. Although not a romance this book is filled with action and excitement. The author imparts an air of authority over that which she describes that you could almost believe you were there. Thank you for the read.

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