A Greek Love Story

A Greek Love Story by Kate Hofman

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by Kate Hofman
Romance At Heart Publications
March 2007
ISBN #0975458944
$5.50 U.S.

Nissa MacLean, a writer of serious fiction, came to the aid of her good friend Louise Sinclair. She has called on Nissa, asking her to help due to an injury, Louise?s ankle is sprained, and an absent maid. While Nissa is scrubbing, Alexander Karagiannis, Louise?s brother, enters. He mistakes her for the maid, which amuses Nissa, and also allows her a measure of relief. Nissa is finally free of a relationship in which she was badly abused, and is not ready to give her trust or her heart to another man. In the guise of a maid for Louise, she feels has a bit of a buffer, some anonymity and safety.

Alexander quickly realizes his mistake. He is deeply upset, because Nissa impresses him more than he wishes to admit. Louisa informs him Nissa never dates, and doesn?t trust men. Not liking the mystery, Alexander is shocked by what he eventually discovers. Nissa?s husband was not only cruel and abusive, but he was also accused of attempted murder, and committed suicide rather than stand trial. Alex realizes he has to go very slowly with this bruised, reclusive woman if he wants his dream to come true. Alexander has fallen in love with Nissa.

Between his need to travel, and the demands of his business, the inevitable insecurities arise in Nissa. The need to hide a pregnancy causes some rocky edges, especially when she miscarries the babe Alex hadn?t known about. Now with a strange woman answering Alex?s phone, Nissa is again wallowing in a world of hurt and misunderstanding. And she is pregnant again.

This time, Alex?s sister steps in to see if she can help the two struggling lovers pull themselves back together again. The question remains for Louise? can she get Nissa to see the light, and to finally put her trust in Alexander?

A Greek Love Story is what some would say romance is all about. The love of Nissa and Alexander is a love that starts over time with the highs and lows that go with it, but will make you believe it will last and never be extinguished.

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