Bedroom Secrets

Bedroom Secrets by Michelle Celmer

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Michelle Celmer

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by Michelle Celmer
Silhouette Desire
May 2005
ISBN #0373766564
$4.50 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

Unlocking His Secrets

Playboy Tyler Douglas loved everything about women - how they looked, the way they smelled, how they felt and tasted . . . But after a recent embarrassing encounter, he was afraid to have anything to do with them. Until Tina Deluca, with her sweet innocent face and curvaceous body, walked into his life. He couldn't resist the shy virgin, especially when she offered to help him get over his "problem" with a sensual course in Lovemaking 101. They tried to take it slowly, but soon touching turned to kissing, and kissing turned to tasting, and Tyler realized he was in over his head.

Was he finally ready to offer his heart - and his body - to love?


    "You want to do what?"

    "Desensitize you."
    Considering the scandalized look on Ty's face, this was going to be a tougher sell than Tina anticipates. To make this work, he would have to relinquish control, and it was pretty clear that he thrived on being in control.
    "I'm afraid to ask what that means," Ty said.
    "In essence, you'll have to unlearn everything you've learned about sex and start over."
    "And how would I do that?"
    "Well, we would start with the basics, like holding hands. And when holding hands no longer makes you fell anxious, we move on."
    His brow furrowed. She has his attention now. "Move on to what, exactly?"
    "Well, sitting close. Kissing would probably be next," And boy, did Ty know how to kiss. Toe-curling, bone-melting, knock-your-socks-off-fantastic kisses.
    "And then?" he asked.
    He cleared his throat. "And, um, where exactly will we be touching each other?"
    She shrugged, and tried to keep her voice casual. "Eventually, everywhere."

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