Bentridge Magic

Bentridge Magic by Autumn McCullah

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Autumn McCullah

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by Autumn McCullah
Writers Club Press
ISBN #0-595-23955-2
$14.95 U.S. / $24.95 Can.

Reid McAllister falls for Gabby in a big way . . . fully clothed into a swimming pool. The lady disappears before he can discover her name or anything about her. Completely different from the other women in his life, Reid can't get the picture of that petite strawberry blond spitfire out of his mind.

Gabby Stoner returns home to Wyoming several months later to find the jerk from Los Angeles ensconced in her hometown. He's enchanted her nieces and nephews and become good friends with all the adults in her family. Well, she's not interested in another big bossy man in her life. Four interfering older brothers are quite enough for her. Oh, but can he kiss!

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