Enchanted Castle

Enchanted Castle by Kate Hofman

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by Kate Hofman
The Dark Castle Lords
September 11 2007
ISBN #978-1-921347-24-5
$4.50 U.S.
Cover Model - C. J. Hollenbach

Brett Richards buys a derelict castle, restores it and goes to live in it. Still pining for a lover who left him, he is excited when he meets Victoria, a stunningly beautiful woman, with a deeply sensual nature. Brett refuses a one-night stand, but when he meets Victoria again, she is savagely hot for him, and they begin a torrid affair. Brett's father is glad his son has finally found his chatelaine, but Brett's closest friends wonder whether the erotic nights with Victoria are enough for Brett.

A chance encounter at a fashionable restaurant serves to muddy the waters considerably.

Will Brett be able to forget his old love with a new one?

This book has been redone by the author who was not happy with the edited version, the new cover and newly redone book fits with what Kate Hofman wanted. Even if you have read this book, give this new and better version a try.
Picture yourself lounging on a chair in a quaint little garden with a cup of tea beside you getting ready to read a romance book. That would be a good setting to be reading books by an author that tells us stories of true love. For those of us that can't be in that garden, find a comfortable chair to curl up in because Enchanted Castle, as with other Kate Hofman books, is a delightfully charming and relaxing read.

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