Hard to Resist

Hard to Resist by Mary Tate Engels

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Mary Tate Engels

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by Mary Tate Engels
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25451-2
$2.95 U.S.

This man was trouble!

As a teenager, Suzanna Schaefer had been secretly attracted to Chase Clements, the town hellion. But he'd been taboo. Definitely off-limit. Now, as an adult, Suzanna was back home, determined to build a stable life for herself and her son. The last thing she needed was to be overwhelmed by her passion for Chase. He was still trouble: too wild, too devilishly sexy, and just too damn hard to resist . . .

Chase didn't care what anyone in town thought about the way he chose to live his life - until Suzanna reappeared. She was everything he ever wanted in a woman - sexy, spirited and more of a rebel than she cared to admit. And he would prove to her he was well worth the trouble!


A ride on the wild side!

Suzanna wondered why she agreed to go on a motorcycle ride with Chase. It seemed like fun, and a little crazy. And she couldn't resist Chase Clements.
    Chase straddled the big machine and revved it to life with one slash of his heel. She slid behind him as if she'd done this all her life. Her hips slid close to his, her thighs aligned with his, her belly pressed to the small of his back. The vibrations through her body.
    "Hook your arms around me," he instructed above the roar.
    She complied, attached her hands to the taut muscles of his stomach, pressing her pliant breasts against his strong back. He felt hard bodied, secure, invincible, and she clung to him for dear life.
    "When I lead, you lean!" he yelled. "Go with me!"
    "Right!" She squeezed closer to him, trying to sense his movements so she could move in rhythm with him. Being with Chase was exciting and frightening. It was the only place she wanted to be.

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