Triangle of Love: Beau's Quest

Triangle of Love: Beau's Quest by Kate Hofman

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by Kate Hofman
The Dark Castle Lords
March 2008
ISBN #978-1-921347-50-4
$6.50 U.S.
Cover Model - Bill Freda

Beau DeVilliers, a handsome widower of forty, visits his Aunt in Ocean Breeze, Florida. Her neighbour, Lise MacLean, makes a deep impression on Beau. They begin a friendship, and Beau saves her from the unwanted attentions of an unpleasant womanizer. Their friendship escalates to a passionate love affair. Several women try to direct Beau's attentions to themselves, but.....

Beau invites Lise to move in with him. His Aunt is shocked and advises a slow and less passionate approach to getting better acquainted.

Beau and Lise are planning their wedding, when the cousin of Beau's dead wife - whom she closely resembles - insists he leave Lise and marry her, the cousin, instead.

Beau won't hear of it, but his Aunt counsels caution and waiting, as do his former in-laws.
Beau's best friend, Miguel, does his best to deflect the various attempts at preventing his friend from marrying Lise.

Will Beau and Lise, having found each other, succeed in defeating the attempts of so many at keeping them apart?

Beau Devilliers' quest is Alicia MacLean. He is a handsome, rich, historical fiction writer, she a best-selling author, which makes for a much better than "Oh, John", "Oh, Mary" --- pant, pant, pant, book. They don't fall in love as they go over a cliff, but the book makes for interesting reading and a relaxing, enjoyable time.

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