Triangle of Love: Miguel's Surrender

Triangle of Love: Miguel's Surrender by Kate Hofman

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by Kate Hofman
The Dark Castle Lords
April 2008
ISBN #978-1-921347-52-8
$4.50 U.S.
Cover Model - Julian Fantechi

Miguel, owner of DominguĂ­n, a famous Spanish restaurant in Jacksonville, meets Danielle, the cousin of Beau, his best friend. When Miguel spends the weekend with Beau and Lise, he finds himself interested against his wishes. He was engaged to be married before, and his bride, on the eve of their wedding, slept with the best man. Miguel will only consider brief flings now.

Danielle loves him desperately, and when passion flares between them, she pretends she is protected against pregnancy. Danielle hopes to become pregnant by Miguel and after he breaks off the usually brief fling, she will have his child to love.

But Miguel falls in love and proposes. Danielle tells him that she is pregnant and why. Miguel is incensed, and is only civil to her in public.

Will Miguel come to realize that Danielle did not have to tell him the truth? That she told him because of her innate honesty? Will they reconcile?

Miguel is a hard-working restaurateur leaving no time for serious romance, only for little flings once in a while. Danielle has other thoughts. If she can't have Miguel forever, she will settle for a part of him for a while, if she can figure out how. They have their ups and downs, but all things come to a good ending.

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