A Holiday of Love

A Holiday of Love by Judith McNaught; Jude Deveraux; Arnette Lamb, Jill Barnett

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Judith McNaught
Jude Deveraux
Arnette Lamb
Jill Barnett

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by Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Arnette Lamb and Jill Barnett
Pocket Books
ISBN #0-671-50252-2
$5.99 U.S. / $7.50 Can.

When the weather outside is frightful, what better way to warm up than with four magnificent new tales of love and adventure from you favorite romance authors? Slip into a bubble bath or curl up in front of a roaring fire - and let
Jude Deverauz
Judith McNaught
Arnatte Lamb & Jill Barnett

whisk you away . . . to New York in the late 1800s, where a beautiful but clumsy angel turns a lonely man's life around . . . to medieval Scotland, where intrigues surrounding a Christmas Mass imperil two Highland lovers . . . to Regency London, where a world-weary lord receives an outrageous proposal . . . to modern-day Colorado, where a daring and clever twelve-year-old plays matchmaker for his bighearted, impractical mother . . . to a world where love always reign supreme!

I've had this book a few years now and every year during the Christmas season I have to re-read it. Jill Barnett's Daniel and the Angel is my favorite story but the whole book is worth a second (or more) reading :-).

Daniel and the Angel is a must read every year at Christmas time.


A female could be "totally ruined" by allowing any gentleman to be alone with her in a room, or allowing him to show a partiality for her, or even allowing him a third dance with her.

Dear Grandmother,
I know how ashamed you are of me, Grandmother. I only meant to dance those three dances with him, so that Sir Francis would withdraw his offer . . . I knew I shouldn't let him kiss me, I knew it, but if you'd ever been kissed by Nicholas DuVille you'd understand. If you'd ever seen his smile or heard him laugh, you'd understand. How I yearn to see his smile and hear his laughter again. I long to make things right somehow. I yearn and I yearn and I yearn. And then I cry . . .

Excerpt from 'Miracles' by Judith McNaught


It was the perfect day for a miracle.
    The shimmering sky above Heaven was as gold as Gabriel's trumpet, and the distant sound of canticles filled the celestial air. Clouds, puffy and white as spring goosedown, created the holiest of firmaments - a place where no angel feared to tread.
    Standing just outside the Pearly Gates was a novice angel named Lillian. She glanced left, then right, and, just for good measure, she cast a quick peek above her.
    The coast was clear.
    With a look of pure determination, she shoved up the sleeves on her flowing white robe, flexed her fingers, and did exactly what she had been forbidden to do: She tried to create a miracle.
    The blast was load enough to crack Heaven.
    A backdraft of near hurricane force sent clouds skittering and bumping every which way. Lilli landed flat on her back. For a stunned moment, she lay atop a bouncing cloud with her arms and legs out like a snow angel.
    Nearby, two bare feet suddenly popped out from with a dark cloud. "What happened?"
    Florida turned around and froze, staring horrified toward the west. "Oh, no! Something did happen." She pointed. "Look what you've done now!"
    Lilli turned around and almost died - again.
    "You've broken the Pearly Gates!"

Excerpt from 'Daniel and the Angel' by Jill Barnett

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