Irish Gypsy

Irish Gypsy by Ana Seymour

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Ana Seymour

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by Ana Seymour
ISBN #0-515-13385-X
$5.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

Wild at Heart

Eamon Riordan had never been so angry - or so intrigued. Mere hours after his horse was stolen, he happened upon a young gypsy girl with flame-colored hair and icy blue eyes. Quite obviously, she was the thief - a charge she never denied. She just picked up a rock, and aimed for his head . . .

Seven years later, Eamon once again crosses paths with the bold, beautiful lass when she is hired to tutor his clever young nephew. He is sure she obtained the position under false pretenses. After all, what would a wild-spirited gypsy know of sums and and schoolbooks? But despite his misgivings, Eamon can't deny that he's falling under her spell - even as it becomes very clear that she has something to hide . . .


    This was not the burly horse thief Eamon had envisioned the night before. The boy?s shoulders were so puny, Eamon could snap him in two without even thinking. He loosened his hold further and turned his captive around so that he could see his face.
    Thick reddish lashes rimmed bright blue eyes in a dirty, thin face. Thin, and too pretty to belong to any boy. ?You?re a wench,? he said in disbelief.
    ?If yer thinking ?twill be easy to have me, ye?d best think again. I . . . I bite.? The girl gave a defiant tilt of her head. Despite her brave words, he could see the beginning of tears. ?I . . . bite,? she continued. ?I bite, and . . . and I scratch like a demon.?

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