My Fair Viking

My Fair Viking by Sandra Hill

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Sandra Hill

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by Sandra Hill
ISBN 0-8439-4984-8
$5.50 US / $6.50 Can / $9.95 Aus.

Tyra, Warrior Princess

She was too big, too loud, too fierce to be a good catch. But her ailing father had decreed that her four younger sisters - petite, mild-mannered and beautiful - could not be wed 'til Tyra consented to take a husband. Alas, with no suitors begging for her hand, it looked as if the sisters would all be virgins pining away on a Norse vine.

Aadam, Medieval Physician

And then a journey to save her father's life brought Tyra face to face with Adam the Healer. A god in human for, her was tall, muscled, perfectly proportioned. This was the physician who could sure her father, and the lover who could finally seduce her to his bed furs.

When Opposites Attract . . . Or Not

Too bad Adam refused to fall in with her plans. Holy Runes! What was a lady to do but truss him up, toss him over her shoulder and sail off into the sunset to live - and laugh - happily ever after.

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