A Bewitching Season

A Bewitching Season by Lynn Collum, Debbie Raleigh, Jeanne Savery

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by Lynn Collum, Debbie Raleigh, Jeanne Savery
ISBN 0-8217-7487-5
$4.99 U.S. / $6.99 Can.

What happens when a mischievous witch meddles with that most powerful enchantment, love? The answer is here in these three spellbinding stories of witchcraft gone wrong - and romance gone quite blissfully right!

The Bewitched Baron by Lynn Collum

When Wyndom Long, Baron Newlyn, a noted botanist who pays little attention to the gaiety of the ton, engages Naomi Clayton as his shy sister's companion, he is startled by the girl he remembers as plain and reserved. Naomi is a sparkling presence in his home, where all sorts of odd things suddenly begin to happen, and a glint of innocent mischief in her eyes makes him wonder if love is meant to fee so magical . . .

The Bewitchment of Lord Dalford by Debbie Raleigh

Annie Winsome may be a witch, but the mortal world has never lost its fascination for her - and a London Season is too tempting to resist. Believing an innocent potion will polish her bumbling friend Lord Dalford, she is stunned to find him transformed into a charming rogue - one she wants for herself! But when she discovers Dalford has a bit of magic up his own sleeve, she suspects that love may be the most powerful spell of all.

The Reluctant Witch by Jeanne Savery

Lady Samantha Forsythe, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, may have been born a witch, but during her first season in Town, she longs to dance and flirt like any other young debutante. Unfortunately, before long Samantha is importuned to read tea leaves and brew love spells. One of which must have gone awry, for Sam realizes that her arrogant neighbor Lord Dalreach has tumbled for her! Why, then, is every moment in his arms so sweetly enchanting?


A Bewitching Kiss

    "Miss Clayton?" Lord Newlyn's voice sounded from behind her.
    His unexpected presence startled her, and she almost tumbled headlong into the bushes. His lordship's strong hands grabbed her about the waist and pulled her back from the brink of an accident. As he pulled her upright, she lost her balance, and both his arms slid around her. She found her body pressed against his. A strange silence seemed to fall over the garden. For just a moment, he held her close is the moonlight's silvery glow. A tremble of something unexpected raced through Naomi as she turned her face up to his, wanting and longing for something that she shouldn't desire.
    A magic as strong as any spell she's ever done seemed to engulf them, and his warm mouth closed over hers. In that instant, as her body trembled from head to toe, she realized that, magic or no, she'd lost her heart to him . . .

From the Bewitched Baron by Lynn Collum

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