After Midnight

After Midnight

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Carol Finch
Colleen Faulkner
Karen Ranney

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by Carol Finch, Colleen Faulkner, Karen Ranney
ISBN 0-8217-6041-6
$5.99 U.S. / $7.50 Can.

Handsome vampires roam the centuries in search of everlasting love

Graveyards and garlic, rapturous ecstasy and ravishing passion by midnight... three bewitching woman of the past fall in love with the most dashing of the undead...

Karen Ranney shows how "A Dance in the Dark" with a charming vampire transforms a Regency lady, whose face in not her fortune, into a raving beauty. In Colleen Faulkner's captivating story, an 1898 vampire dreads spilling "Highland Blood" and when an American beauty visits his lonely Scottish castle, he must conquer his craving for her - unless she can cure the curse that lies upon him. Thrown together beneath a "Read Moon Rising" in Colorado Territory, Carol Finch's lovers are a mysterious cave dweller and an angel of mercy who, in his arms, reveals a dark secret to match his own.

Let the spine-tingling romances chill your blood and warm your heart.

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