Devotion Calls

Devotion Calls by Caridad Pineiro

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Caridad Pineiro

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by Caridad Pineiro
Silhouette Nocturne
January 2007
ISBN 0373617550
$5.25 US / $6.25 Can.

Sometimes evil lurked in the darkness . . .

In Spanish Harlem, real danger comes in nonhuman form. A night stalker haunts the barrio, feeding its insatiable hunger, craving the humanity only healer Ricardo Fernandez can give him. For Ricardo is cursed with the ability to heal, and hurt, by touch - a talent he hides behind the practice of Santeria.

Sara Martinez knows there's no such thing as faith healing, until Ricardo's gifts become her last hope. And Ricardo's passion becomes something she can't live without.

But when the night stalker uses Sara as bait, Ricardo must choose between two evils: lose the woman he loves or lose himself to the darkness of his powers.

If you like the dark side then don't miss Ms. Pineiro's "The Calling" series. This latest book  has just as much going for it as the rest. Blending the dark side of  humanity (and other creatures) with that little bit of light to keep you interested is why you won't want to miss this book. 'Devotion Calls' has that spark we look for in paranormal romances. We Really Dig Romance Novels would like to thank Caridad Pineiro for sending us a review copy to read

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