Night Mischief

Night Mischief by Nina Bruhns

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Nina Bruhns

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by Nina Bruhns
Silhouette Nocturne
October 2007
ISBN #9780373617722
$5.25 U.S.
Series - Dark Enchantments: a paranormal series

Can a mortal fall in love with a demon...
Can a demon ever return that love...
Or are both damned to live out eternity . . . alone?

Daughter to the Earl of St. Yve, the beautiful Lady Dawn Maybank takes her responsibilities to the Cadre, the secret hermetic order of demon hunters her father heads, very seriously. But she is haunted by a fatal flaw she is desperate to hide from the world. One day a thoughtlessly spoken spell conjures Dawn’s worst nightmare . . .

Galen McManus is a demon of vengeance masquerading as an incubus. Handsome as the devil, he has a sinful body which he isn’t above using to weave his spell of cosmic justice. Those mortals he targets for ruin never suspect his purpose until it is far too late. Galen doesn’t believe in good or evil, in truth or lies, or in passions of any kind—other than for his job. He is all about balance.

But this demon is as cunning as he is wicked. To his newest victim Galen proposes a trade: the Demon Stone, a long-lost diamond for which her father has been searching his whole life, in exchange for Lady Dawn spending five nights in his bed. Of course, all this is just a ruse to hide his real objective: to teach Dawn the true meaning of vengeance in a lesson she’ll never forget.

But this time, Galen’s plans go awry and the sinister net the arrogant demon weaves traps his most unsuspecting victim yet…himself. And with the most unlikely of reasons—for love.

I love it when a book's title sparks the imagination for what the book could be about and this one is another winner. From Dawn and Galen's first meeting and for most of the book you have to wonder : knowing Galen is there for one purpose, can he change from the monster he is to someone Dawn can love without regrets? I have never read a book this hot in a series romance before. You can definitely see a bit of Ms. Bruhns' alter-ego Nikita Black in this book. We had no trouble believing in the characters, situations, and the interactions in this book, you might need to step away to remember that it isn't real. Ms. Bruhns can make you run an entire range of emotions in her books.
We Really Dig Romance Novels would like to thank Nina Bruhns for sending us a review copy to read on this fantastic October release. Night Mischief is book #3 check out the rest of this four book series titled Dark Enchantments and check out the fun Character Blog.

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