The Grotto

The Grotto by Evelyn Rogers

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Evelyn Rogers

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by Evelyn Rogers
Love Spell
ISBN 0-505-52479-1
$5.99 US / $7.99 Can. / $12.95 Aus.

The curse of the Falcon

"I do not believe in La maledetta," claimed Kate, but as the lovely young widow arrived in Belmare, she had to admit there was something disturbing about the abandoned villa by the sea. The mournful tolling of the bell, the crashing of the waves, the very walls seemed to whisper a warning. And the mysterious dark stranger whose midnight eyes studied her like a bird of prey . . . was he a ghost that only she could see or a man with all too human desires? With the face of a god and the voice of the devil, he seemed to appear whenever she was most vulnerable, tempting her as her late husband had never done, seducing her with visions of wild nights and sultry days. Was he new hope for her and the Villa Falcone or the spirit of doom that would destroy them both?

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