Touch Me in the Dark

Touch Me in the Dark by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
Triskelion Publishing
May 2007
$1.99 U.S.

An eerie house . . . a malevolent ghost  . . . and Ian Fanning, a brooding ex-cop obsessed with painting the woman his grandfather murdered.

Into their midst arrives Sharon Mahoney, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the dead woman. When past and present collide, will Ian save or destroy her?

by the author of 80 published novels, including mysteries and romantic suspense.

Touch Me in the Dark has all the elements of a paranormal that we come to expect nowadays without being in the "norm". This book twists what we think of as paranormal into a new and fascinating direction.


    There was a physicality to the painting that drew her inside. She could feel the rough canvas beneath her bare skin and the pressure of Ian?s limbs as they tangled with hers.
    "I?m not sure I can finish," he said. "Frankly, the damn thing intimidates me."
    "Why?" Sharon asked.
    He began to pace. As he moved, he finger-combed his shaggy hair, which fell back even more disheveled than before. "I think that, in the past, I was trying to capture something that I'd never actually experienced. This is the next stage. I?ve made a connection with the figures in my subconscious. It?s because you?re here." He stopped in front of her. "I?d ask you to model for me, but something tells me that would present too great a risk."
    "I don't think I'd make a very good model." Or that I want to put myself that much in your power.
    "Oh, yes," he said hoarsely. "You'd be perfect."

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