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Sam's World by Ann Williams

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by Ann Williams
Silhouette Time Twist
ISBN #0-373-51237-6
$4.50 U.S.

Somewhere in Time

Far in the future, when love was unknown and freedom a crime, a lone rebel was desperate to learn what his world had lost. In a daring experiment, he reached into the past - and found a woman unlike any he had ever known . . .

Marina's fear of this unknown and forbidding time was equaled only by her breathtaking passion for the man who had brought her there, the man she called Sam. And she knew it was up to her to teach him - and his cold, lonely world - the meaning of love


Leaning back in Sam's arms, Marina stared into his eyes - and what she saw there made her heart skip a beat.

    It made no sense, but she wanted him to go on holding her. No, she wanted him to kiss her, more than she had ever wanted anything in her life.
   She couldn't explain it, even to herself. The man with his arms around her was a stranger. Yet she felt she'd known him all her life - no, longer than that, forever . . .
    Did he want to know the touch of her lips as badly as she wanted to know his?
    She was playing with fire, she knew. She was falling in love with a man who wouldn't be born until centuries after her own death. And she could not exist in his world, because the things she wanted most - love, a home, a family - were denied him and his people . . .

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