Timeless Autumn

Timeless Autumn by Katheryn Fox, Carol Finch and Linda Madl

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by Kathryn Fox, Carol Finch, Linda Madl
ISBN #0-8217-6312-1
$5.99 U.S. / $7.50 Can.

Autumn Lover by Kathryn Fox
As autumn ripens, television producer Leigh Hunter realizes her high-gloss career has lost its luster. But when a "special" pumpkin she bought for the holidays transports her to 1899, quiet, compelling Ben Sutton soon shows her that love is of

The Colors of Autumn by Carol Finch
Modern studio artist Julia Harper paints herself into a mural of life in 1880 Bugtussle, Texas... and into the arms of Win Calloway - a man who is everything she ever dreamed of. Now she must decide if the fame and fortune she has known in the "future" compares with a lifetime of love with this tough tender hero.

An Autumn Bouquet by Linda Madl
Public relations manager Jennifer Hollis is at the historic Apple Grove House when, with a camera's flash, she finds herself in 1861, saying her vows to Union Officer Captain Bennett Vance. Though she has found her soul mate in Bennett, Jen must retuen to the twentieth century to save Apple Grove House from becoming a theme park.

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