Timeless Summer

Rosalyn Alsobrook, Barbara Benedict, Janice Bennett, Amy J. Fetzer, Katherine Kincaid, Joan Overfield
ISBN #0-8217-5053-4
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

The Gift by Rosalyn Alsobrook
Trapped in a car wreck, Crissy Townson makes a plea for deliverance - only to awaken in a frontier town, where a handsome sheriff accuses her of helping to rob a bank...

Whispers In The Night by Barbara Benedict
Julie Ward is a woman without a memory. She finds it again when she enters an empty Long Island mansion - and lands in a long-ago era where danger and a mystery lover are waiting...

Lion's Pride by Janice Bennett
Twenty-two-year-old Jessica Howard is taken away from a northern California coastal town... in a ghost ship! Carried back to the Elizabethan Age, she finds a man who is more than a dream: he is her heart's desire.

Summertime Blues by Amy J. Fetzer
When unconventional artist Kayla Fairchild stumbles into an abandoned Texan well, she also stumbles into a different century... as a frontier schoolteacher with a lesson to learn about love.

Leap of Faith by Katherine Kincaid
Casey O'Donovan, Olympic show-jumper, falls from her horse and into another life - her great-grandmother's. Now, she's about to be wed to a stranger whose precious love Casey could lose in a blink of time...

The Keeper of Time by Joan Overfield
Tourist Gillian Brooke enters a quaint antique shop... and is suddenly swept into Victorian London, where a handsome scientist could be her only hope of returning home... or her one, passionate reason to stay.

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