Veils of Time

Veils of Time by 4 great authors

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Lynn Kurland
Maggie Shayne
Angie Ray
Ingrid Weaver

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by Lynn Kurland, Maggie Shayne, Angie Ray, Ingrid Weaver
ISBN #0-425-16970-7
$6.50 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

And the Groom Wore Tulle by Lynn Kurland

Scottish nobleman Ian Macleod falls asleep in a medieval dungeon - and awakens in a room filled with long white dresses. Jane Fergusson longed to create great fashions, but instead toils in a bridal shop. Will their fateful meeting over dressmaker's shears lead to bloodshed or bliss?

The Con and the Crusader by Maggie Shayne

Fleeing thugs, con man Jack McCain jumps into a well - and into the past. Mistaken for a criminal, he's headed for prison, until he's freed - with a wedding proposal! The widow Hawkins marries him to get help for her farm, but the attraction between them makes Jack wish he'd never escape this sweet captivity...

A Bride Most Common by Angie Ray

A time machine hurtled Lusy Taylor back in time to Regency England - and into the middle of a wedding to a dashing gentleman! Could she change history to save her future, without falling in love with a handsome new husband?

Conyn's Bride by Ingrid Weaver

On the eve of her wedding, museum curator Alanna Moore is cataloguing antiquities, when suddenly a Celtic warrior appears - claiming to be her long-lost betrothed! Can she listen to her heart and remember a love that was destined to be?

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