After Sundown

After Sundown by Amanda Ashley

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Amanda Ashley

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by Amanda Ashley
ISBN 0-8217-7528-6
$6.50 US / $8.99 Can.

The kiss of immortality happens . . . After Sundown


Edward Ramsey has spent his life hunting vampires. Now he is one of them. Yet Edward's human conscience - and his heart - compel him to save beautiful Kelly Anderson, and soon their growing love is his reason for living. And as the ancient, stunning, and merciless vampire Khira seeks supremacy among Los Angeles' undead, Edward and his former nemesis Grigori Chiavari, once Khira's lover, must unite to stop her - before the city, and everything they cherish, is in her power . . . After Sundown



He Kissed Her, There In The Moonlight

    Kissed her, and it wasn't enough. He wanted to inhale her, to drink her essence, to absorb her very soul into his own. She was sweet, so sweet. Heat sizzled between them, hotter than the sun he would never see again. Why had he waited so long?
    "Oh, Edward . . ."
    Kelly looked up at him, breathless. She was soft and warm and willing. He covered her face with kisses, whispered praises to her beauty as he adored her with his hands and his lips. He closed his eyes, and desire rose up within him, hot and swift, and with it the overpowering urge to feed. He fought against it. He had fed well before coming here, yet the Hunger rose up within him, gnawing at his vitals, urging him to take what he wanted.
    "This is crazy," she murmured breathlessly. "We hardly know each other."
    "Crazy," he agreed. Her scent surrounded him. The rapid beat of her heart called to the beast within him. He deepened the kiss.

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