Tonight and Always

Tonight and Always Linda Lael Miller

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Linda Lael Miller

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by Linda Lael Miller
November 1996
ISBN 0-425-14456-9
$5.50 U.S. / $6.99 Can.
Series - Vampire

Now Linda Lael Miller introduces a passionate new heroine: Kristina, the daughter of Miller's beloved characters Maeve Tremayne and Calder Holbrook. Her smoldering beauty befits a child of vampires, but Kristina does not possess their dark, seductive gifts. Within her stirs a power that goes beyond the blood of life, beyond nature Herself, allowing Kristina to move objects by will alone - across her parlor of across the globe in the very blink of an eye.

But she has not completely escaped her cursed bloodline - for Kristina's ethereal beauty is indeed timeless. Outwardly she remains young, when in truth she has seen the passing of more than a century. The one time she dared give her heart to a mortal man, she suffered the torment of his mortality, and vowed never to love again . . . until now.

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