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We Really Dig Romance Novels 'Author Watch' is for telling you about the authors we have just found out about, authors we can't get enough of (the I want more books by this author now kind of author) And because we like to hear from others we want to know who you like to read. If you have a favorite romance author (or more) you recommend, please use our Readers Recommend form.

You will have pardon the dust, we have not updated this particular page in a long time.

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Annette Blair says: I have a new Regency Historical Series coming out called 'The Rogues Club'. 'An Undeniable Rogue in July 2002, 'An Unforgettable Rogue in October 2002, and 'An Unmistakable Rogue in March of 2003. Thank you for your wonderful site.
I don't read regency all that often but when told about these books I decided to give them a try. I am glad I did, although An Unmistakable Rogue is still on my 'to get' list.

Due out Feb 2002 by Leisure Books is 'The Shadowing by Joan Overfield.
According to Joan: "I have be told Cherif Fontaine is the cover model for my FABULOUS cover!"

In Terry Stanfill's first novel Rose Kirkland is on a quest for answers in 'The Blood Remembers' published by Elton-Wolf Publishing of Seattle, WA.

HeartMate by Robin D. OwensI normally don't pay attention to Futuristic/Fantasy Romances but from what I read on Robin D. Owens website 'HeartMate due out 12/01 makes me think I'd better start paying attention.
We Really Dig picked this book up and thoroughly enjoyed it. Don't miss this book. 'Heart Thief is now in our "TBR" (to be read) pile.

Dee Davis's first book 'Everything In Its Time' is due out in July, 2000.
According to Dee, 'Everything In Its Time is due out in July. It's time travel romance set in fifteenth century Scotland."

Christine Feehan tells the tale of the Carpathians. The first book, Dark Prince, will get you hooked. And the second book, Dark Desire, will keep you hooked. Dark Guardian is the latest to be released. And as always, don't forget to search for her Gothic novels, they are almost (in my opinion) as good as the Carpathians.
Other 'Dark' books: Dark Gold | Dark Magic | Dark Challenge | Dark Fire | Dark Dream (story in the anthology, After Twilight) | Dark Legend | Dark Guardian |
Other Christine Feehan series are: The Drake Sisters, GhostWalkers and Leopard Series.

Danette Thompson and Annette Chartier-Warren
writing as Nicole Foster completed their first book 'Jake's Angel' in July 2000.

It was mentioned through an email that "Diana Gabaldon has 4 great (awesome is a better word) books! 1 - Outlander, 2 - Dragonfly in amber, 3 - Voyager, 4 - Drums of autumn"

Sue-Ellen Welfonder is starting out with a very good story of a bartered bride and a man rumored to have murdered his first wife in 'Devil in a Kilt'

If you like Celtic fantasy romance Janeen O'Kerry's next book 'Sister of the Moon aught to fill part of the desire.