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Contemporary Anthology:

101 Degrees Fahrenheit Fantasy Marriage by Design The Night Before Christmas

101 Degrees Fahrenheit- Eva Gale
Fantasy- Feehan, Jeffries, Holly, Minger
Marriage By Design- Thacker, Cresswell, Sanders, Chittenden
The Night Before Christmas- Alexander, Hill, Joy, McFather

Historical Anthology:

A Holiday of Love Tapestry - Pageantry of the Middle Ages with Kurland, Hunter, Kenyon, Moning The Love Match 'Tis The Season

A Holiday of Love - McNaught, Deverauz, Lamb, Barnett
Tapestry - Kurland, Hunter, Kenyon, Moning
The Love Match - Hale, Simmons, Gornick
'Tis The Season- Anton, Paul, Phillips

Other Worldly Anthology:

A Bewitching Season After Midnight After Midnight . . . After Twilight A Very Gothis Christmas - Ghosts Bwitching Love Stories Charmed Cupid's Kiss Full-Moon Magic Haunting Love Stories Hot Blooded Moonglow Midnight Pleasures Secrets Volume 7 Stardust Strangers in the Night The Only One The Shadows of Christmas Past

A Bewitching Season- Collum, Raleigh, Savery
After Midnight- Faulkner, Finch, Ranney
After Midnight...- Maggie Shayne
After Twilight- Ashley, Feehan, Thompson
A Very Gothic Christmas- Feehan, George
Bewitching Love Stories- Brandewyne, Drake, Michaels, Skye
Charmed- Beard, Castle, Foster, Wilks
Cupid's Kiss- Hagan, Hutchinson, Madl, Smith
Full-Moon Magic- Buck, Balogh, Dolan, Rice, Mills
Haunting Love Stories- Drake, Krahn, Miller, Skye, Sutcliffe
Hot Blooded- Feehan, Shayne, Holly, Knight
Lords of The Night- Bennett, Blayne, Ellis
Moonglow- Shayne, Sutcliffe, Longford, Ray
Midnight Pleasures- Ashley, Shayne, Kenyon, Thompson
Secrets, Vol 7- Dubois, Knight, Lawless, Welles
Stardust- Blake, Krahn, Sanders, Thomas
Strangers in the Night- Shayne, Stuart, Yarbro
The Only One- Feehan, Grant, Squires
The Shadows of Christmas Past- Feehan, Sizemore

Time Travel Anthology:

Timeless Autumn Timeless Spring Timeless Summer Timeswept Brides Veils of TIme

Timeless Autumn- Finch, Fox, Madl
Timeless Spring- Davidson, Plumley, Thompson
Timeless Summer- Alsobrook, Benedict, Bennett, Fetzer, Kincaid, Overfield
Timeswept Brides- Balogh, Brown, Minger, O'Banyon
Veils of Time- Kurland, Ray, Shayne, Weaver