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Other Contemporary:

Bedroom Secrets Calling All Glass Slippers Waking Annabel Hard To Resist A Greek Love Story Enchanted Castle Gabriel's Quest For Love Triangle of Love: Beau's Quest Triangle of Love: Miguel's Surrender Triangle of Love: Rey's Indiscretion Programmed for Pleasure Night Pleasures Bentridge Magic 1-900-Lover Sex and the South Beach Chicas A Deadly Exchange Words to Treasure Beautiful Stranger

Bedroom Secrets- Michelle Celmer
Calling All Glass Slippers- Jacqueline Diamond
Waking Annabel- Jayelle Drewry
Hard To Resist- Mary Tate Engels
A Greek Love Story- Kate Hofman
Enchanted Castle- Kate Hofman
Gabriel's Quest For Love- Kate Hofman
Triangle of Love: Beau's Quest- Kate Hofman
Triangle of Love: Miguel's Surrender- Kate Hofman
Triangle of Love: Rey's Indiscretion- Kate Hofman
Programmed for Pleasure- C'ann Inman
Night Pleasures- Jule McBride
Bentridge Magic- Autumn McCullah
1-900-Lover- Rhonda Nelson
Sex and the South Beach Chicas- Caridad Pineiro
A Deadly Exchange- Sheryl Jane Stafford
Words to Treasure- Lynda Trent
Beautiful Stranger- Ruth Wind

Other Historical:

My Fair Viking Rory Conor Briana Gentle Rogue Adam's Promise Irish Gypsy

My Fair Viking- Sandra Hill
Rory- Ruth Langan
Conor- Ruth Langan
Briana- Ruth Langan
Gentle Rogue- Johanna Lindsey
Adam's Promise- Julianne MacLean
Irish Gypsy- Ana Seymour

Other Other Worldly:

Night Mischief - Galen McManus and Dawn Maybank Touch Me in the Dark Fantasy Lover The Dark-Hunter Companion Dream Chaser The Dream-Hunter - Arikos and Geary Dream Warrior Upon The Midnight Clear Stairway to Heaven Devotion Calls The Grotto

Night Mischief- Nina Bruhns
Touch Me in the Dark- Jacquiline Diamond
Fantasy Lover- Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Dark-Hunter Companion- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dream Chaser- Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Dream-Hunter- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dream Warrior- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Upon The Midnight Clear- Sherrilyn Kenyon
Stairway To Heaven- Shannon Leigh
Devotion Calls- Caridad Pineiro
The Grotto- Evelyn Rogers

Other Time Travel:

It began with a letter...that leads to a passion and adventure beyond her dreams... Virtual Heaven Somewhere in Time Sam's World

The Scottish Rose- Jill Jones
Virtual Heaven- Ann Lawrence
Somewhere in Time- Merline Lovelace
Sam's World- Ann Williams

Although not a romance book this is a good book to read if you want to write a romance

It began with a letter...that leads to a passion and adventure beyond her dreams...