A Baby For Emily

A Baby For Emily by Ginna Gray

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Ginna Gray

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by Ginna Gray
Silhouette Special Edition #1466
May 2002
ISBN #0373244665
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Having His Baby

Emily Maguire's gruff-as-granite brother-in-law had always seemed intimidating and remote. But now that Emily was pregnant, widowed and humilliated by her late husband, Dillon was suddenly sticking too close for comfort. Why?

Oddly protective of Emily and her in vitro baby-to-be, Dillon used his muscular exterior to serve her Jello-O, to nurse her through morning sickness - even to become her birthing coach. But what unspoken secret made this rough-hewn male treat her so tenderly? And why did she respond so shamelessly to his raw masculinity? It almost felt as if Dillon was the father of her child . . . almost as if he loved her!


His Brother's Wife.

    Emily's words rang in Dillon's head: You don't even like me.
    Dillon snorted.
    He supposed he shouldn't be surprised she believed that. By his actions these past seven years - avoiding her whenever he could, keeping his distance during family gatherings - he had made it appear that way.
    How would Emily react, Dillon wondered, if she knew the truth? That all these years, since before his brother had swept her off her feet and married her, he had been in love with her.
    And that the baby she now carried was not her late husband's, as she believed.
    It was his . . .

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