A Body To Die For

A Body To Die For by Kate Hoffmann

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by Kate Hoffmann
Harlequin Temptation #697
September 1998
ISBN #0-373-25797-X
$3.75 U. S. / $4.25 Can.
Series - Hero For Hire

Jackson Beaumont:

Strong, daring, an ex-navy SEAL turned bodyguard. He doesn't know his first assignment might be his last.

Madeline Parmentier:

Also known as The Black Widow. She has her own hidden agenda - and isn't about to let her gorgeous bodyguard get in her way.

Assignment: To guard the late Judge Lamar Parmentier. Little does Jack suspect that the judge's young, irresistibly sexy widow will be more of a trial... and a temptation. Gorgeous, enigmatic Maddie scrambles his brains and stirs his senses. And Jack can only hope that hers isn't really a body to die for...

Being a bodyguard means staying close as a lover

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