A Cowboy, a Bride & a Wedding Vow

A Cowboy, a Bride & a Wedding Vow by Shirley Rogers

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Shirley Rogers

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by Shirley Rogers
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0-373-76344-1
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

To Have...

College sweethearts, sexy Jake McCall and beguiling innocent Catherine St. John had spent an intense, passionate yet tender year as lovers. Then fate and duty intervened, separating the couple . . .

And To Hold?

. . . until the day Jake, now a driven and successful rancher, came face-to-face with his past . . . and their son! While Catie had lost none of her beauty and allure, time seemed to have hardened her heart to Jake. But the determined cowboy vowed to hold on to his sone, and to do so he meant to have Catie - in his bed and as his bride!


"Catie," He Groaned, Then Covered Her Mouth With His.

    His tongue seared hers and she moaned low in her throat. It was all the encouragement he needed to bring her body against his and close his arms around her.
    He remembered the first time he'd made love to her. She'd been a virgin and unsure of what to expect. But she'd also been eager to learn and just as eager to please him.
    And one of the times they'd made love, she'd conceived his son.
    The thought flitted through Jake's mind, clearing the way for rational thinking. He lifted his head and stared at Catherine's face. She licked at her lips, and the action made his knees want to buckle.
    "This doesn't change anything," he growled, angry at himself for touching her. Angry, also, because he wanted to kiss her again.

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