A Dangerous Game

A Dangerous Game by Candace Schuler

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Candace Schuler

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Intrigue / Mystery / Suspense

by Candace Schuler
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25475-X
$2.99 U.S.

Things aren't always what they appear to be . . .

Natalie Bishop knew that better than most. Barely five feet tall, she was a fearless, first-rate private investigator. Her brother's partner had had a fatal accident . . . but it wasn't an accident. And the prime suspect - the victim's own brother, Lucas Sinclair - was certainly guilty of being sexy as sin.

He was also helping her solve the crime. Nevertheless, he was dangerous. To Natalie, with her weakness for macho ex-marine types, Lucas was a deadly temptation. Lucas felt the same way about her. Then the investigation really started to heat up . . .



    Lucas instantly recognized the look in Natalie's eyes because it so perfectly mirrored what he was feeling: hot, blood-boiling passion. She stood there - flushed, furious, provocative - issuing the silent but unmistakable challenge of a woman daring a man to take what she offered.
    Lucas had never been one to back down from a challenge. He moved toward her with his gunslinger's walk, slowly, his eyes never leaving hers. He stopped directly in front of her.
    Natalie refused to take even one step back. "I told you to leave my house," she said haughtily, then put her hand on the middle of his chest and pushed. "I meant it."
    "No, you didn't -" still holding her eyes with his, he took her hand, dragging it slowly down his flat stomach, then lower "- did you?"   
    He gave her every chance to pull away, but she was utterly still. "No," she agreed softly, "I didn't."

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