A Love Beyond Words

A Love Beyond Words by Sherryl Woods

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Sherryl Woods

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by Sherryl Woods
Silhouette Special Edition
ISBN #0-373-24382-0
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Language of the Heart

Rescuing Allie Matthews from the rubble of her home should have been all in a day's work for Ricky Wilder. But her quiet intensity sparked his protective instincts, and unexpectedly, the sexy Latino invited Allie to stay with him during her home's renovations. Soon the feisty beauty had Ricky rethinking his bachelor ways. Yet how could he prove his love when he couldn't find the words?

Vulnerable Allie preferred her life predictable and risk free - until Ricky stormed her heart and coaxed her out of her cautious world. Living with Ricky set Allie spinning in an emotional whirlwind... but could she trust her love to a man who lived his whole life on the edge?

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