A Private Eyeful

A Private Eyeful by Ruth Jean Dale

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by Ruth Jean Dale
Harlequin Temptation #709
December 1998
ISBN #0-373-25809-7
$3.75 U.S. / $4.25 Can.
Series - Hero For Hire

Nicholas Charles:

He's Flattered to be summoned for a meeting with his elusive boss, Samantha Spade. But flattery turns to annoyance when she won't tell him whose body he's supposed to be guarding!

Corinne Leblanc:

Small-town girl Corinne is on the vacation of a lifetime, which is the perfect chance to play jet-setting, cosmopolitan woman. But she's not prepared for Nick. Sexy, worldly and irresistibly virile, he could blow her cover with just one kiss.


Who knows? Apparently Nick's supposed to hang around a luxury resort, just waiting for something - anything - to happen. Then along comes Corinne with a body that's one private eyeful, and Nick decides she's a prime candidate ... for something...

Being a bodyguard means staying close as a lover

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