Babies in the Bargain

Babies in the Bargain by Victoria Pade

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Single Parents

by Victoria Pade
Silhouette Special Edition
ISBN #0373246234
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.
Series - Northbridge Nuptials

Her Sister's Family

A newspaper article had brought Kira Wentworth to Northbridge, Montana, in the hopes of reuniting with her long-lost sister. But it was Cutty Grant and the tragic news he delivered that first dashed her dreams but quickly compelled her to stay.

With the strength of Hercules, Kira overlooked her own needs and saw that Cutty required a kind heart and a helping hand. For with a broken ankle and no day care, his eighteen-month-old twins were running circles around the sexy single dad. So, in Kira stepped and put her own spin on nannyhood . . . and made a permanent impression on her boss's fragile soul.

Northbridge Nuptials: Where a walk down the aisle is never far behind


Kira opened the manila folder and took out the newspaper article from the Denver Post.

It was a small piece about two Montana men - one an off-duty police officer and the other a Northbridge business owner - who had rushed into a burning house to rescue a family trapped inside. The two men had saved the family and then had gone back in for the pets only to have a beam knock Addison Walked unconscious and break Cutler Grant's ankle. Still, Officer Grant had managed to drag the unconscious businessman to safety.
    The name Addison Walked meant nothing to Kira.
    But Culter Grant - that was something else. Kira knew a Cutty Grant.
    Could it be the same man who held the truth about her long lost sister? Whether this would turn out to be a wild-goose chase or she was about to embark on an adventure with destiny, Kira had to find the injured cop. She owed it to her family and to herself.
    Bottom line: this man was her only hope.

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