Baby in Waiting

Baby in Waiting by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin American Romance #1223
August 2008
ISBN-10 #037375227X / ISBN-13 #9780373752270
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.
Series - Harmony Circle

He's the last person she ever expected to love

When Brooke Bernard learns she's pregnant, she knows exactly what's missing from her soon-to-be family: a Daddy. That certainly isn't Oliver Armstrong, Brooke's new roommate. Oliver may be gorgeous and caring, but the ambitious developer definitely isn't father material.

When Oliver agreed to let free-spirited Brooke move in with him temporarily, he should have known she'd turn his life upside down. Now she wants him to help her find a suitable husband! But while he's weeding out all the Mr. Wrongs, Oliver can't help developing an unexpected opinion about who Mr. Right will turn out to be.

Harmony Circle - Where There's Love in the Neighborhood.

Welcome back to Harmony Circle, if this is your first visit then I hope you find new friends with Baby in Waiting but don't forget to look for The Family Next Door. The first book starts out fresh in idea and the characters feel so alive that you could almost see them next door calling you over. In Baby in Waiting it's like Harmony Circle is welcoming you with open arms to watch the fireworks. Watch the sparks fly between the serious Oliver and the very optimistic Brooke. Look for the last book Million-Dollar Nanny in January, 2009.


Brooke wished this baby she carried belonged to Oliver

    Don't you start weaving plans around him. They were friends with benefits. That's what they'd both agree on, and she aimed to stick by her word.
    She sighed. Being honorable was such a burden.
    "You okay?" Oliver stroked her hair.
    She wanted to purr like a kitten.  "Better than okay.  You?"
    She snuggled against him.  She had to face the truth, even though she couldn't act on it.
    She'd fallen in love with Oliver.  No telling when or how it had happened, or whether she could have prevented it.
    What that meant for her future or the baby, she had no idea.  But she had to acknowledge that it had become impossible to find Mr. Right.
    Because she'd already found him.

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