Bought By A Millionaire

Bought By A Millionaire by Heidi Betts

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Heidi Betts

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by Heidi Betts
Silhouette Desire #1638
February 2005
ISBN #0373766386
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Millionaire Bachelor Seeks Heir

Chicago's Most Eligible Bachelor, Burke Bishop, wanted a child - but didn't want to be shackled my marriage. Surrogacy seemed the only solution. When he met gorgeous Shannon Moriarity he knew he'd found the perfect mother for his baby. For reasons she wouldn't say, Shannon accepted his high-price offer and requested they keep things strictly business.

They conceived without touching, yet Burke found himself craving Shannon's warmth and demanded she move into his penthouse. Soon, the close quarters elevated their relationship into intimate territoy where neither could deny the bond they shared. But when their contract was fulfilled, would they find a prize richer than money could buy?


"It's hard to get your heart broken when you've never been in love. I don't have the time for such trivial pursuits," said Burke.

    Shannon's laughter was a mix of both amusement and disbelief. "How can you say love is trivial? Isn't that what makes the world go 'round?"
    "The almighty dollar is what makes the world go 'round," he answered shortly. "And love is highly overrated."
    It saddened Shannon to think his life had been so barren that he didn't even believe in love, when she knew just how powerful a sentiment it could be. But Shannon suspected his feelings on the subject would change dramatically the minute he held his very own child in his arms - regardless of who the baby's moth was. On that day, if not sooner, he would discover the meaning of true, unconditional love.
    "I'd think you would be glad that I tend to put sound financial judgement above anything as mercurial as human emotion. It's about to make you a very wealthy woman."
    "Does that mean you've made your decision?" Shannon asked nervously.
    "I made my decision before you even left my office this morning. You're the woman I want to be a surrogate for my child. Congratulations, Mommy."

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