Business Affairs

Business Affairs by Shirley Rogers

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Office Romance

by Shirley Rogers
Silhouette Desire
January 2005
ISBN #0373766327
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

At Her Bidding

An impulsive bid at a bachelor auction had won Jennifer Cardon a romantic getaway with her sexy boss, Alex Dunnigan. Jennifer had always been incredibly attracted to Alex, but bedroom fantasies were one thing - having her dreams come true in the flesh was quite another. Especially once Jennifer discovered she was pregnant with Alex's child . . .

Alex had no idea that under the prim exterior of his assistant lived a sexy siren who could set his blood boiling. After their weekend as lovers, they were supposed to put their romantic idyll behind them even if he couldn't forget their passionate night together. He'd made it clear to Jen that he wasn't a forever sort of guy, but would he change his tune when he learned her little secret?


"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The Audience Chanted.

    The crowd seemed to have centered their attention on him and Jennifer. Then Alex realized why. They were the only couple not kissing.
    Pulling Jennifer to him, he slipped his arm around her and drew her closer. She stared at him, her eyes aglow. Alex had often imagined kissing her, but none of his fantasies compared to this.
    "Alex -"
    "Shh," he murmured and lowered his mouth. An explosion went off inside him as he kissed her. The audience cheered wildly and deafening applause filled the room, but Alex was unaware of anything except the softness of Jennifer's lips beneath his.
    Stunned by his response to her, he broke off their kiss.
    Their eyes met and he sucked in a ragged breath.
    What the hell had just happened?

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