Cassie's Cowboy Daddy

Cassie's Cowboy Daddy by Kathie Denosky

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Kathie DeNosky

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by Kathie DeNosky
ISBN #0-373-76439-1
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

And Babies Make Four. . .

The remote Wyoming ranch was going to make an ideal home for Cassie Wellington and her twin daughters. Until she discovered a cowboy in the bathtub. Sexy masculine Logan Murdock owned the other half of the Lazy Ace, and he clearly didn't want a woman around.

This alluring single mother was the Widow Wellington? From the moment his business partner's niece and her two babies moved in, Logan suspected his blissful bachelor existence was at an end. Cassie's womanly touch could warm a man's insides - and heat up the long cold nights. But would she run off at the first sign of trouble. . . and take his heart with her?

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