Castle in Spain

Castles in Spain by Kate Hofman

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Office Romance

by Kate Hofman
The Dark Castle Lords
February 2007
ISBN #9781921347047
$6.50 U.S.

When Jennifer Miller agreed to do research for the Spanish Count Antonio de Ortega de Andrade y de Vald, she did not expect to be working with such a young, virile and handsome man. Neither did she expect he would ask her to agree to a pretend-engagement, intended to keep predatory women off the Conde's back while he and Jennifer worked on his book.

Conde Antonio has had his share of women throwing themselves avidly at his feet, but they only bore him. When he hired as his researcher a quiet, unassuming young Canadian woman of flawless professional reputation, he never expected to be attracted to her.

Jennifer and Tony (as he prefers her to call him) are enmeshed in his book, and before they know it they are fathoms deep in a love affair. She believes it means nothing or very little to him; he can't put a name to the feelings she arouses in him; he believes he's merely protective of her. As their affair becomes increasingly passionate and all-consuming, trouble looms. Women try coming on to him, hitting on him even when Tony has his arm around Jennifer. Even Tony's snobbish housekeeper butts in, trying numerous ploys to get the interloper sent away.

The love that blooms between them seems doomed to failure; a direct counter-point to the book tour's success. Will Tony come back to Jennifer? Everyone tells Tony she is not good enough, it is not love but infatuation. Ah, but is it? Would a Conde marry his researcher?

Castles in Spain is a classic getting back to the roots of what a romance novel is all about kind of book. If you've never read a romance before, start with this one.

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