Contract Bride

Contract Bride by Debra Webb

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Debra Webb

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by Debra Webb
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN #0-373-22683-7
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.

Bride to be . . . Murdered?

Jennifer Ballard never anticipated her wedding day to be an intricate setup. Her fianc?plotted to kill her, then take over her family's pharmaceuticals business - and Jennifer's first instinct was to turn to the prestigious Colby Agency for help. Suddenly she found herself in the protection of Ethan Delaney, the larger-than-life investigator assigned to her case. But in the midst of their clandestine mission to uncover the conspiracy than threatened to destroy her life, Jennifer was unwittingly drawn to her tough-as-nails bodyguard. And now, with only each other to trust, they must overcome danger - and desire - to unravel the dangerous plot designed to destroy Jennifer's life . . .

I have not read many 'Colby Agency' books and found no trouble following and enjoying this book.


      To:      All staff
FROM:     Victoria Colby
      RE:      Love in the Workplace

I am proud to announce that many of our colleagues have recently tied the knot. I'd like to think that the Colby Agency is responsible for the latest crop of wedding announcements! Please join me in celebrating the nuptials of Katherine Robertson and Jack Raine, Nick Foster and Laura Proctor, Ian Michaels and Nicole Reed, Trevor Sloan and Rachel Larson, Rick Martinez and Piper Ryan, Alex Preston and Mitch Hayden, and Zach Ashton and Elizabeth McCormick.

Who will be next?

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