Courtship, Montana Style

Courtship, Montana Style by Charlotte Maclay

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Charlotte Maclay

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by Charlotte Maclay
ISBN #0-373-16943-4
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.

From Runaway Bride...

The beautiful woman snuggling a baby in her arms spelled trouble, and Walker Oakes knew it the instant she appeared on his ranch applying to be his housekeeper. Well, the gruff bachelor planned to send the sophisticated city slicker packing. Then Lizzie showered his foster sons with the motherly attention they'd missed and gazed at him with wary eyes that aroused all of his protective instincts...

To Rancher's Bride?

Second thoughts about her impending, loveless nuptials sent Lizzie seeking refuge in Montana. What she hadn't expected were the warm kisses she shared with Walked - or the way they made her feel. Lizzie wasn't about to let down her guard and fall for the rugged cowboy. So why did she hope that Walker's family needed two more to be complete?


She had no right to dream of a relationship with Walker. Or even to want one. She'd imposed on his hospitality and pleaded with him to give her refuge. He'd already gone beyond what most men would have done. To take further advantage of the friendship he'd offered when her own life was still in disarray would be the height of unfairness to them both.
    Which didn't mean she couldn't admire his seat in a saddle, the way he moved as though part of his mount, the man and animal of the same mind as they walked beside the herd. A man of the land comfortable with himself.
    Yes, she could admire, but she didn't dare touch. Because she was confident, once she touched Walker in an intimate way and he touched her in return, that she'd never be satisfied with anything less...

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