Daddy By Default

Daddy By Default by Muriel Jensen

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Muriel Jensen

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Single Parent

by Muriel Jensen
Harlequin American Romance #737
ISBN #0-373-16737-7
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.
Series Who's the Daddy

It's A ... Daddy?

NAME: Darrick K. McKeon 6' 2", 175 lbs.
HAIR: black with a wave
EYES: dark with a sparkle
FIRST WORDS: "I can handle it."
Or in this case - them?

How had this happened? Darrick McKeon was the family's Mr. Fix It, the one who solved all the problems. But now he had a doozy of his own. Twin baby girls had been abandoned with no ID except their daddy's name: D. K. McKeon.

Darrick's D. K., all right, but so are his brothers. One of them has to be the father. After all, he's the good brother - the one who always looks before he leaps. But then he remembers a certain mountaintop and a lovely, lissome pilot who landed him there ... nine months ago.

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