Daddy By Design

Daddy By Design by Muriel Jensen

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Single Parent

by Muriel Jensen
Harlequin American Romance #742
ISBN #0-373-16742-3
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.
Series Who's the Daddy

It's A ... Daddy?

NAME: Dillon K. McKeon 6', 180 lbs.
HAIR: To run your fingers through
EYES: That see right through you
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: Bad-boy style with good-guy substance
FIRST WORDS: "Catch ya later, babe"

Dr. Dillon McKeon had a reputation with lots of women, but he'd only ever loved one- Harper Harriman. So when he was handed twin baby girls who just might be his, his one thought was Why didn't Harper tell me?

Harper agreed to be the babies' nanny, but denied being their mother. Still, the long nights together gave Dillon plenty of time to see two things: that he'd never stopped loving Harper, and that she was hiding something from him... Was she the babies' mother... and more important, was he the father?

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