Daddy By Destiny

Daddy By Destiny by Muriel Jensen

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Muriel Jensen

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Single Parent

by Muriel Jensen
Harlequin American Romance #746
ISBN #0-373-16746-6
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.
Series Who's the Daddy

It's A ... Daddy?

NAME: Duncan K. McKeon 6', 170 lbs.
HAIR: Perfect
EYES: Even Better
DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS: On-screen sizzle, real-life fire
FIRST WORDS: "Call my agent!"

One sweet night Duncan McKeon had met his soul mate in darkness. But in the morning, the mystery woman had vanished. They'd made some beautiful memories together, but nine months later, Duncan found out they'd made more than that...

Duncan looked at the twins' faces and knew "daddy" was his best role ever. All his new family needed was a wife and  mother. He swore he'd track his mystery woman to the world's end, double diaper bag and all. Turned out, though, she was much closer to home...

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