Daddy To The Rescue

Daddy To The Rescue by Susan Kearney

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Susan Kearney

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by Susan Kearney
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN #0-373-22705-1
$4.75 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Kirk Hardaker:

Ex-Marine Search and Rescue operative


To find his missing wife . . . and secret baby?

He'd lost more than most men could bear and had isolated himself from the world. But when former Marine Search and Rescue specialist Kirk Hardaker learned his ex-wife - and the baby that had to be his - had gone down in a sabotaged plane in the Rockies, he came out of seclusion. His high school sweetheart, Sara, had left him when he'd refused to quit his dangerous career. But now she was running from a killer who wanted her top-secret software. The passion still smoldering between them was hot enough to melt a glacier, but would they rebuild their trust in time to save the family they'd always wanted?


    "How come you never told me about her?"

    "What?" Sara glared at Kirk. She'd spent months hating him for rejecting his daughter, and now he claimed that he'd never known about Abby? "I wrote you about Abby twice."
    "I didn't get anything about Abby."
    "When you didn't answer -"
    "I didn't get them," he insisted in a voice that reminded her of a soft sheath housing the sharpest of blades. He hesitated. "And I want to know my daughter."
    "She's our daughter."
    "I missed you, Sara. I was hoping you would give us another chance."
    He looked to sincere, as if he believed it. But she couldn't allow herself to hope. "I can't."

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