Dear John . . .

Dear John... by Lyn Ellis

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by Lyn Ellis
Harlequin Temptation
ISBN #0-373-25588-8
$2.99 U.S.

Love . . . Jenny

When Jenny Teale wrote to Captain John Braithwaite, it was as her good deed to the brave fighting men overseas. John's letters - intimate, sexy, loving - made her realize she'd found her soul mate. But Jenny didn't consider herself the kind of woman a man of action like John could ever love, so she refused to tell him her name. Still their letters grew even more revealing and passionate - but it was only a fantasy, Jenny assured herself.

Then John came home, determined to find the woman behind the words.



he read. Nobody laughed at the old Dear John joke anymore, but still, Jenny didn't write it.
    If I try very hard, I can imagine you here. Long legs sprawled on that lumpy couch in the living room, or sneaking barefoot into the kitchen to eat Oreos and milk in the middle of the night.
    This old house seems emptier than ever. The creaks in the floor have forgotten your step. It's too quiet, and you're too far away.

    Too far away, a lifetime away. Something tightened in John's chest, something caused by the thought of home and a woman waiting. Fantasy, she had said.
    John's life was about black and white, life and death. He didn't know how to deal with fantasy. Her letters had created a past for him and had enticed him toward a future. It might be a fantasy to her, a silly diversion meant to entertain a soldier. To him, a career officer sitting in a tent on the edge of a war, it was a glimpse at a life he had never known. A gamble on a future he had never risked. Not until now, not until Jenny.
    A gamble he was determined to try - if he could find this mystery woman.

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