Diagnosis: Expecting Boss's Baby

Diagnosis: Expecting Boss's Baby by Jacqueline Diamond

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Jacqueline Diamond

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by Jacqueline Diamond
ISBN #0-373-16962-0
$4.75 U.S. / $5.75 Can.
Series - The Babies of Doctor's Circle

In love with the boss . . . and pregnant with his baby!

Irony didn't begin to describe it! Natalie Winford, secretary for an infertility clinic, had become pregnant after one night of lovemaking with her sexy boss, Dr. Patrick Barr. Natalie planned to keep her baby's paternity quiet, not wanting to pressure the good doctor into an obligatory declaration of marriage. But trying to remain aloof around a man who sent her pulse racing proved more difficult than the battles against water gain and pickle cravings combined. And Patrick's affection for her hadn't seemed to lessen, but to grow, as sure as the baby grew in her womb. But when he found out about Natalie's little secret, would he be stung by betrayal - or be bitten by the love bug?

Thank you Jacqueline Diamond for autographing and sending We Really Dig Romance Novels this book to review.
If the other two books of The Babies of Doctor's Circle are as good as this one then WRD can't wait to read them.
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News: "Diagnosis: Expecting Boss's Baby" spent two weeks on the Waldenbooks Series Romance bestseller list!


"Dr. Rourke asked me to drop off some prenatal vitamins for Natalie. I was downstairs at the lab, so I just popped up."
    I'm sorry?" Patrick couldn't make sense of the nurse's explanation. Why would Natalie be collecting someone else's prenatal vitamin's?
    "We didn't have any when she came in."
    "When she came in?" he repeated, feeling as if he'd missed some vital point.
    It was six weeks since he'd made love to Natalie. And he had used protection.
    Natalie might have consulted with Dr. Rourke for a routine physical. But there was no reason for the obstetrician to send over prenatal vitamins unless . . .
    . . . his secretary was pregnant.

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