Doctor Valentine

Doctor Valentine by Linda Cajio

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Linda Cajio

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Opposites Attract

by Linda Cajio
Harlequin American Romance #667
February 1997
ISBN #0-373-16667-2
$3.75 U.S. / $4.25 Can.
Series - The Holiday Heart

February 14th

The Doctor is IN... Love!

The arrow - as if guided by radar, or maybe Cupid - pierced Peter Holiday's posterior. Only archer Mary Ellen Magnussen saw stars when she looked into the sexy doctor's milk-chocolate eyes. But with the feather-tipped shaft protruding from his rump, she doubted he would ask her to be his Valentine.

Pain may have made the always-in-control Peter delusional because he was besotted... with the one woman who was off-limits. As a scientist, he'd committed himself to climinating romantic love, but as a man, he'd gladly be ravaged by it for one kiss from Mary Ellen's sweet, rosebud lips.

Everyone loves the Holidays!

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