Expecting and in Danger

Expecting and in Danger by Eileen Wilks

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Eileen Wilks

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by Eileen Wilks
Silhouette Desire
ISBN #0-373-76472-3
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - Dynasties: The Conellies

He wanted his baby . . .

When he learned Charlotte Masters was pregnant with his child, Rafe Connelly moved mountains to find her - one step ahead of the killers who'd put a bounty on her head. Despite her protests, Rafe needed to keep Charlotte safe. For the sake of his unborn child, he'd do anything . . . even marry the woman who'd betrayed his family.

She Wanted Him . . .

Oozing confidence and masculinity, Rafe was irresistible. Charlotte knew she could deny him nothing. Hadn't she already shed her prim facade and satisfied his every desire in a torrid night of pure pleasure? But she couldn't accept his proposal, for to a woman with secrets, Rafe was as dangerous as the killers at her heels . . .


    Around Chi-Town

Breaking News! Charlotte Master, the missing assistant to business tycoon Grant Connelly, is allegedly the target of a hit man. After being questioned by police for her role in the illegal doings at Connelly Corporation, Charlotte dodged the first hit attempt. But why the mysterious woman declined police protection is anyone's guess. Does this reportedly "honest woman" have something to hide? And Ms. Masters may not be the only one on the run - rumor has it she's pregnant, so where's the baby's dad?

Missing son Rafe Connelly has returned to Chicago to help solve the family's troubles. The renowned computer whiz is looking into technological tampering at Connelly corporation. But it may be too late to stem the tide at the beloved Chicago institution. With its flood of troubles, the Connellys may need more than Rafe's genius to keep them afloat.

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