Forbidden Lover

Forbidden Lover by Amanda Stevens

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Amanda Stevens

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by Amanda Stevens
ISBN #0-373-22557-1
$4.25 U.S. / $4.99 Can.
Series - Gallagher Justice

Get ready for a new brand of justice . . . GALLAGHER JUSTICE

Born to a legacy of lawmen, three brothers sworn to serve and protect will safeguard the women they love.

The feud between the Gallaghers and the O'Roarkes had raged for generations. And detective Nick Gallagher would do whatever it took to keep his father's killer - a hated O'Roarke - in prison. Even commandeer the assistance of the beautiful Dr. Erin Casey - with or without her consent!

Erin had almost forgotten her secret past - until Nick's demands put her in the spotlight. When threats forced her into Nick's protection, Erin knew time was running out. Even as his hard body and sky-blue eyes awoke her deepest passions, Erin tried to resist Nick's talk of the future. Because Nick would soon know he was falling for the daughter of his bitterest enemy . . .


The temptation of being too close

    Erin sat staring into the fire, her features soft and fragile in the flickering light. She reminded Nick of a painting he'd once seen - pale, innocent, with an almost mystical aura. But unmistakably woman.
    Another time, he would have leaned over and kissed her. He would have taken his time, tasting her delicate lips, loosening her hair until it fell wantonly down her back. He would have touched her all over, whispered what he wanted to do to her . . .
    He let the fantasy spin away with no small regret, and turned his attention back to the darkness outside the cabin. A murderer was out there waiting, and since Nick had been the one to drag Erin into this mess, it was his duty to protect her, not to seduce her.
    But Nick knew that one sometimes led almost inevitable to the other . . .

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